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  • To print unicode messages, you ought to use log


Log "Hello World"  ' use of the shortcut call of the Log.Print

  • Supported for easy input and output on screen:

InputBox : Input box on screen

MsgBox : Print message in dialog box on screen

  • Supported for backward compatibility:
The black screen used for keep old BASIC source working contains 80 columns * 29 (30) rows.

Beep : Produces a sound. Depends on the system if it works. www.kbasic.com_images_vb6.jpg

CLS : Clears the terminal screen. Returns the cursor to the upper left corner. www.kbasic.com_images_vb6.jpg

Color : COLOR alters the background and foreground color of the terminal screen. www.kbasic.com_images_vb6.jpg

CSRLin : CSRLIN returns the current line of the cursor. www.kbasic.com_images_vb6.jpg

Input : combined screen output and keyboard input www.kbasic.com_images_vb6.jpg

Line : draws a line on the screen www.kbasic.com_images_vb6.jpg

Locate : set the cursor position www.kbasic.com_images_vb6.jpg

Pos : POS returns the current cursor position in the line. www.kbasic.com_images_vb6.jpg

Print : output information on screen www.kbasic.com_images_vb6.jpg

Using : Prints strings or numbers using a specified format www.kbasic.com_images_vb6.jpg


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