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HtmlView (QTextBrowser)

The Qt documentation in C++ of this class (QTextBrowser) can be read here:

A control for the form object, provides a powerful single-page HTML viewer. If you are looking for a full-featured web-browser, take a look at WebView.

Please read the control class overview Control as well.

It is an advanced WYSIWYG viewer supporting rich text formatting using HTML-style tags. It can display a large HTML subset, including tables and images.

The following link lists the HTML tags supported by Qt's rich text engine:

The property “Value” contains the text of this control. There is “OldValue” as well. Important properties are “HomeURL”, “OpenLinks”. Changing the Value only works, if no HomeURL has been set.

e.g. local file URL scheme, HomeURL = file:///C:/kbasic16/kbide/examples/projects/browser.kbasic_project/test.html

OpenLinks=True means that clicked URL leads to open the default browser and showing the page there.

At this time only local files will be displayed. If you would like to display non-local files use the function LoadExternalBrowserWithHTML of Application or use Web instead.

It is possible to display files of the project (html files in your project directory) by relative path, if you need so, copy all html files and related files in your project directory (after you created the EXE, where all runtime files are located) and set HomeURL to the first page of these html files.

HTML files opened by relative path are only visible by running the compiled EXE!



Property Value As String


Property OldValue As String


Property Text As String

Same as Value. Provided for easy-use.


Property HomeURL As String

Property OpenLinks As Boolean


Property Flat As Boolean (ReadWrite)

If it is true, appears as flat control. This is only useful to change the visual appearance.



Function BackwardAvailable() As Boolean


Function ForwardAvailable() As Boolean


Sub Backward()


Sub Forward()


Sub Reload()



Sub OnEvent(BackwardAvailable As Boolean, ForwardAvailable As Boolean, NewURL As String)

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