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Enables you to directly use the C library math functions commonly used in C/C++ applications. It declares a set of functions to compute common mathematical operations and transformations.



Provided for VB6 compatibility.

Abs : Returns the absolute value of an argument.

Cos : COS returns the cosine of the argument 'number' in radians.

Exp : EXP returns the exponential value of 'number'.

Fix : FIX cuts off the trail of a number

Log : LOG returns a the natural logaritm of a number.

Max : Returns the major value of two values

Min: Returns the minor value of two values

Int : Returns the next integer number.

Sgn : Returns the sign of the argument 'number'.

Sin : SIN returns the sine of the argument 'number' in radians.

Sqr : SQR returns the square root of the argument 'number'.

Tan : TAN returns the tangent of the argument 'number' in radians.

Fact : FACT returns the mathetical fact (n!)

Rnd : Returns an integer pseudo-random number between 0 and int(EXPR)-1 inclusive.

Not supported yet:

Atn : Returns the arctangent value of the argument ‘number’ in radians


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