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Frame (QGroupBox)


The Qt documentation in C++ of this class can be read here:

A control for the form object, provides a group box frame with a title.

Most important

Methods None
Properties Caption
Events None

Please read the control class overview Control as well.

It's important in what sequence the controls are placed. If you put a frame on the same place other controls are, you have to set the frame to the background, otherwise you won't be able to selected the controls covered by the frame.

So frames are covering other controls, if you do not set them back by using ZOrder. Try right click on the frame and use it “Move To Back”.



Property Caption As String (ReadWrite)

Holds the text to be displayed.


Dim c As Frame
c = Control("Frame0") ' Frame0 is declared as Frame in this form
c.Caption = "Hello World!"


Property Value As String (ReadWrite)

Same as Caption. Provided for easy-use.


Property Text As String (ReadWrite)

Same as Caption. Provided for easy-use.

not implemented yet:

alignment : Qt::Alignment

checkable : bool

checked : bool

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