Use your Visual Basic knowledge to build apps for Android!
Write your Basic code, and let it secretly handle the magic of Android features.

» DroidBasic on Windows® 8/7/Vista/XP 

  Coming the next months - All examples and docs included

» DroidBasic on Mac® OS X 10.7/10.8 

  Coming the next months - All examples and docs included

People from around the world have joined DroidBasic - inspired by the idea to make software available for everybody: a programming language that is easy to use, and a development platform that is stable, reliable and available at for free.

Preview of the language reference

An overview about DroidBasic
DroidBasic Description
DroidBasic Syntax
DroidBasic_General Manual
Migration guide VB6VBNET to DroidBasic
Useful for Android

Latest Android™ 4.0. Updated for IceCream Sandwich and Honeycomb.

  • DroidBasic is related to VB.NET™ and Visual Basic® and combines the best features of those tools and supports similar syntax, functions, objects and classes.
  • It is a full featured object-oriented language, which supports the best modern programming techniches known with well designed objects, events and plenty of documentation.
  • Create modern applications in zero time...and you can develop nearly anything for Android with the newest technologies available.

Development tools included: Compiler, IDE, Runtime, ADT Layout UI Designer

  • DroidBasic uses the Java™ programming language together with the Android SDK to create the apps. Java™ , Java JDK and Android SDK is the base toolkit for DroidBasic and DroidBasicBasic is the easiest way to development Android apps without the needs to learn Java as it combines the expressive power of Java with the familiarity and ease of use of Visual Basic®. The DroidBasic API and tools are consistent across all supported platforms, enabling platform independent application development and deployment. Windows® and Mac® OS X are supported platforms.
  • Google's ADT UI Layout Designer for Eclipse is directly supported as well the Apache Ant is used as build system
  • DroidBasic is continuing to develop as the default Basic programming language to develop Android™ apps on Windows® and Mac®. So be sure to check out the newest versions in future.

Everything you need

  • Ready to use examples for most needed features: lists, tables... And much more.
  • Includes plugins for Eclipse WYSIWYG editor (ADT Layout UI Designer), date picker, table sorting...
  • Large set of utility classes
  • Full featured IDE support for syntax colouring, functions list, auto format and code completion
  • Modern Basic syntax
  • Powerful and easy-usable interface designer
  • Extend native Java classes using inheritance
  • Create small and fast native apps without runtime dependencies (no extra Garbage collector!)
  • Complete documentation
No vendor lock with DroidBasic, you always have got your DroidBasic program in Android/Java as well. In fact, you have always a Android/Java project for Eclipse ready for debugging and compilation. Using Android/Java/Eclipse and the default compiler/layout editor of Google through DroidBasic reduce the number of possible bugs, when you create your Android app. In fact, DroidBasic is a mature tool, ready for production!

Join us!

  • The DroidBasic community rests on dedicated volunteers to further improve our programming language and development platform in a number of different ways. Whatever your skills, there are lots of places to start contributing.
  • We communicate by different means, most of them on the Internet. The following selection enables you to stay up-to-date, extend and explore your DroidBasic experience, find new friends, and have fun in general.

Professional Strength

Do not let the "Basic" in DroidBasic fool you! It is not a toy. It is a fully object-oriented language that supports exceptions, polymorphism and many other features you can expect from a modern programming language and its strong Basic language is constantly improved and updated. When creating commercial software, time is money. The longer it takes you to create an application, the longer it takes to get to market and turn a profit. DroidBasic is a rapid application development environment that enables you to write, test and deploy software faster.

Installation instruction

Java JDK and Android SDK

Porting VB Applications to Android

DroidBasic produces fast programs as Java does. In fact, it uses the same compiler as Java. When using DroidBasic you can use most existing Android features without difficulties. Porting means learning and using new keywords and new ideas in general. Why should you switch to DroidBasic? After learning a new language (DroidBasic), significantly changing your source code base would be involved, but it is worth it! Android is a great development environment. When you use DroidBasic you automatically use Android SDK, the full featured modern framework for Android devices. Make the switch to DroidBasic ! It gives you full Android support, no huge runtime, with minimal system requirements. You should try DroidBasic. You might find DroidBasic right for you and a clear path to the future.

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Here are some screenshots of DroidBasic. Coming the next months...


Few words about us

KBasic Software is a software company with headquarters in Frankfurt am Main / Germany. Its flagship product is DroidBasic for Android.

KBasic Software started development on DroidBasic in 2012.

(C)opyright Bernd Noetscher's KBasic Software 2012 - 2013. All rights reserved.

Our mission

We know that it is crucial for our customers to have good tools for making good software. Therefore, we do not compromise our demands for superior design and technical quality when we develop our products.

At KBasic Software, we continously work to improve and expand DroidBasic to ensure that it always represents the state of the art in usability, look and feel, performance, and stability.

Please feel free to contact us.

Bernd Noetscher's KBasic Software
Boseweg 9
60529 Frankfurt am Main

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