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BASIC for Linux(R), Mac(R) OS X and Windows(R)

KBasic is a powerful programming language, which is simply intuitive and easy to learn. It is a new programming language, a further BASIC dialect and is related to VB.NET(R), Visual Basic(R), Visual Basic for Application(R) and Java(R). It combines the best features of those tools and comes with built-in backward support for those tools and QBasic(R) as it is 100% syntax compatible to VB6, VBA and QBasic(R).

Additionally, it comes with support for VB.NET(R) syntax, functions and similar objects and classes.

KBasic has a new name: It is called now Basic For Qt(R)


It is the new language to write Qt based cross-platform software. If you have at least moderate knowledge in simple object-oriented concepts and the BASIC language, Q7Basic will not be difficult to write own applications soon.

Key features:
. Compile to C++ binary code
. Thin runtime
. Common BASIC-like functions
. Clean and easy syntax
. Qt Designer supported
. Resource support
. Use of native C++ classes and widgets
. Direct Qt API access
. and much more


Create modern applications in zero time

But this is NOT a VB.NET(R) or VB6 clone! It is a full featured object-oriented language, which supports the best modern programming techniches known with well designed objects, events and plenty of documentation.

KBasic is an open source, easy-usable, object-oriented, interpreted, stable, platform-independent, fast and modern programming language. More exactly said KBasic is an event-controlled programming language. KBasic is a multiplatform programming language, so almost the entire API is the same on all platforms and window systems.

Together with KBasic you are able to create modern object oriented applications, e. g. for tasks such as GUI, SQL and more.

KBasic is available in English and German. Other languages such as French, Chinese and Spanish are in preparation.


KBasic uses Qt(R) as its toolkit to provide cross-platform abilities. Qt(R) is the best C++ cross-platform toolkit available and KBasic is the easiest way to get cross-platform development without the needs to learn C++ as it combines the expressive power of C++ with the familiarity and ease of use of VB6. The Qt(R) API and tools are consistent across all supported platforms, enabling platform independent application development and deployment. Windows(R), Linux(R) and Mac(R) OS X are supported platforms.
Read more at Nokia(R)’s website

Since its commercial introduction in early 1996, Qt(R) has formed the basis of many thousands of successful applications worldwide. Qt(R) is also the basis of the popular KDE(R) Linux(R) desktop environment, a standard component of all major Linux(R) distributions. Read more at KDE(R)’s website That means that the internal functions of KBasic use the high-quality Qt(R) library functions, which are the top of the art: fast, stable, bug-free and tested and used worldwide!

What does the name KBasic mean?

KBasic means QtBASIC, but QBasic is used as most people know and QtBasic isn’t allowed at all, so KBasic is the best choice. Other possibilities could be KoolBasic or even KDEBasic. It’s your choice!

Support this project

Where’s the fun using KBasic if others don’t know? Order a KBasic Professional License today, and support it! If you like KBasic or if you like what KBasic is doing for the Open Source community, please order now.

(C)opyright Bernd Noetscher’s KBasic Software 2000 - 2010. All Rights Reserved. All names mentioned are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders in Germany and other countries.
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