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Creating a large project involves creating a menubar, toolbar, form which acts as the first form appearing on the screen with buttons on it to open other forms and so on.

Once a new form appears on screen you can add certain controls so that the form is useful. Each of those controls may have properties, which can be set through the property window on the right or in code. Each form contains a special code section the form module, which contains the form related functionality, e.g. code to react on events. Once a form is on screen, you can switch between the design mode (F10) and code mode (F11).

Naming Forms and other objects

  • Use only ASCII characters (latin characters) to name your objects, variables, procedure names and so on
  • You must NOT use any keywords or builtins of KBasic as name of forms or other objects, otherwise the compilation of your program will fail.
  • Names of objects like forms or reports are case sensitive, so you must write it everytime the same way.
  • Name prefixes for the objects: frm for forms, r for reports, tb for tables, q for queries. Examples are frmAddress, tbAddress, rAddress, qAddress
  • filenames, e.g. to image files are case-sensitive as well, because of the nature of Unix on Linux and Mac. Therefore, write your filenames always properly
  • MenuBarItems must not be named 'About' or 'Contents', because these are reserved words used by KBasic.

Database connection dialog


Properties of the project


Controls dialogs


Project Window


Property Window


Changing a property name of a control

When you change a property name, releated procedure names are not changed and have to be manually renamed yet.

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