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More functions can be found here:

Utf8 : Unicode conversion

Utf16 : Unicode conversion

Asc : Returns the ASCII code for a character.

Bin : BIN returns a string giving the binary (base 2) representation of 'number'.

Chr : Returns the ASCII character corresponding to the value of VAL.

Format : Formats an expression.

Hex : HEX returns a string giving the hexadecimal (base 16) value for the 'number'.

Input : Combined screen output and keyboard input. www.kbasic.com_images_vb6.jpg

InStr : INSTR finds one string inside another.

InStRev : INSTREV finds one string inside another.

IsString : Returns true if a variable represents a string type. www.kbasic.com_images_vb6.jpg

LCase : LCASE returns a new string. It contains the source string converted to all lower case.

Left : LEFT returns a string containing the first characters of a string.

Len : LEN returns the length of a string or the size of a variable in bytes.

LTrim : LTRIM function removes the source string's leading spaces.

Mid : MID get the part of a string

Mid : MID replaces part of a string with another string

Oct : OCT returns a string giving the octal (base 8) representation of 'number'. www.kbasic.com_images_vb6.jpg

Replace : Replaces string occurances with another string

RTrim : RTRIM function removes the source string's trailing spaces, from the end of the source string.

Space : SPACE function creates a string consisting of spaces.

Spc : Returns a string with a number of spaces

Str : Converts a number to a string

StrComp : Compares two strings

String : STRING function creates a string of characters.

StrReverse : Returns a given string reversed

Trim : TRIM function removes the source string's leading and trailing spaces.

UCase : UCASE function converts the entire source string's characters into uppercase characters and returns the converted string to the function caller.

Val : VAL returns the numerical value of the string.


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